Hello, and welcome to ‘Setting Sights’!


Hello!  Welcome to my blog site ‘Setting Sights’.  It has taken me a very long while to finally establish a base to share all these stories and updates, but with the loving encouragement of many friends and family I have plucked up the motivation to finally get it on here and progress with a few exciting things.

Ultimately, the question lies in why the reason for a blog site and what, if any, is its significance amongst the many hundred other bloggers out there?  I admit the rather bland setup of this doesn’t truly reflect the ride of blog content, but I promise that everything I write here has a meaning, motivation and reason behind it.

Perhaps first then, we need to appreciate the background behind a blog.  The idea behind ‘Setting Sights’ is all about sharing a common journey that many young, up and coming people in the 21st century crowd face.  I am a young, adventurously ambitious female, mid-20’s, with many hopes and dreams.  I am a medical student, studying to become one of next generation’s empathetic, whole-heartedly serving doctors.  Often pondering over career prospects, love, life, the next food craze, and good people, I am no more ordinary than anyone else.  I am an avid solo traveller, public speaker, writer, published poet, artist, ex-GB swimmer and skier.  I am also disabled.  I am deaf-blind and have a long-term physical disability of the muscles, affecting a multiple-organ system, often leading me to face the hills and troughs of life and death simultaneously each year.  Yet through all this, I face the secret discrimination still overwhelming our modern day society, every single day.

Each morning, I remind myself how lucky we all are, not in the most obvious terms, but to have the capacity to appreciate the emotive, fulfilling, sometimes fragmented, opportunities, disappointments and devastations alike, that one day in a life continuously feeds us.  Fact is, I love people.  Perhaps one of the many reasons why I am studying the field of healthcare – the science of people and the people of science.  Behind every crease of a smile, every smile of a crease, there is an untold story of joy and suffering in every single one of us, and that is what makes the clockworks of humanity so complexly fascinating.

Through these blogs, I aim to inspire, guide and comfort my readers through health and wellbeing, justice, positivity and old medicinal motivation.  Feel free to laugh, (at or with), cry, fear, rage, smile, or both.  If you want to find out more, need advice or words of wisdom, or would like a public speaker at one of your events, please feel free to get in touch via the ‘Contact’ button on here.  In the meantime, thanks for reading and hope you enjoy following my story.  Have a nice day!

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